Neti Stik Nasal Inhaler 15ml

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HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE Neti Stik Nasal Inhaler – 15ml 12 units in an outer


Essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Menthol and Lavender.

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Health Tree offers high-quality, organic products that improve your life and allow you to reach your healthy living goals. The Himalayan Institute Neti Salt is a great example of this kind of product. It is something that can be used to treat allergies, colds, flu and sinus problems. It helps to clean your nasal passages in a gentle and effective way. Just add about a quarter of a teaspoon of this salt to warm water for a powerful treatment.

This provides nasal irrigation to clear out your nasal cavities of mucous blockages. Water moves through the sinuses and clears them of mucous. It also loosens hardened mucous and relieves congestion. This creates more space to permit easier breathing.

Enjoy Clear Sinuses

Neti Salt is made up of easily crushed clumps. It is free of additives and completely iodised. It also is made without the use of anti-caking agents and is designed for pharmaceutical use.

What to Know about Neti Pots

You can treat snoring problems effectively with Neti Pots. These offer powerful relief from snoring sounds when you are sleeping. You only need one gram of salt for every 100ml of water you use, and you don’t want to overdo it. Using too much salt can result in nasal passage damage. You should boil the water to the instructed temperature to ensure that you kill bacteria in the nasal passages. It’s best not to use tap water directly. Instead, follow the preparation instructions and use the Neti Pot to experience snoring relief.

The Neti Pot can be found here in our online store, and it serves as a great natural alternative to man-made chemicals and medications. You’ll find two different kinds of Neti Pots here at Health Tree, and they are always sold at competitive prices. The Eco pot and Ceramic pots are the two varieties that Himalayan Institute sells here in our store, and they are both high-quality products that will clean out your nasal passages. You’ll save money by purchasing with us and enjoy fast shipping on high-quality products. Order these now to start experiencing relief for nasal congestion and improve your general health.

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