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NPM ALKA OH – Liquid Silica Concentrate 45ml
ALKA OH- (AlkaHydroxy®) is a patented liquid silica concentrate, highly alkaline to help offset acidity in the body.

ALKA OH- concentrate has a 13.7pH and when added to water effectively increases the amount of negatively charged hydroxyl ions present, producing an alkaline solution and inducing an antioxidant effect in the water.

This mineral additive to water has an alkalizing action on pH balance, due to its unique elemental and electro-chemical properties.
Alkalize your water on the go!
Neutralizes harmful acids while adding beneficial Silica
Silica is great for Hair, Skin, Nails, Bones, Heart and all Connective Tissue.
Add to Coffee or other acidic drinks to neutralize the acidifying effect.

One bottle has approximately 900 drops, enough to make approximately 56 litres of highly alkaline silicon rich water, which equates to about two months use.

ALKA OH consists of Bio-available Silica Concentrate to naturally eliminate acid without any long term side effects.
This product changes the PH of water to a healthy alkaline state in a very affordable and convenient way while adding beneficial Silica.

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