BREATH PEARLS Breath Freshener Original – 50.00

$19.18 incl. GST

BREATH PEARLS Breath Freshener 50 Soft Gels


Peppermint oil 20mg, parsley seed oil 16mg, gelatine capsule

Weight0.05 kg

Read About BREATH PEARLS Brand

If you want teeth that are healthier and breath that smells better, then Breath Pearls Fresh Breath is going to be a great choice. These can help your mouth feel better faster and provide natural benefits. They will make your smile look better quickly and safely.

These are a great way to enjoy a little boost to your confidence and the way you feel before you go out with friends or when you go to work and want to look your very best. If you want to enjoy stronger teeth, fresher breath and a calmer stomach, then the chewable and soft gels from Breath Pearls can help you there.

Get Rid of Bad Breath

The major benefit of using Breath Pearls Fresh Breath is the way it makes your mouth so much fresher. This is a very fast way to deal with bad breath, and you can start to feel confident smiling and talking to people again. You’ll have fresher breath than ever before without having to undergo any painful treatments. These products come in a few different flavours, and you will be delighted by how well they work to improve your breath.

Breath Pearls products do more than just improve your breath. They also safeguard your teeth and help to decrease feelings of nausea. You can smell and feel better by using a simple chewable or soft gel tablet. A single product can do a lot for you, especially if you use products that are proven to work and that are completely natural like Breath Pearls products are. You can find them here at Health Tree at affordable prices.

Effective Breath Control

We offer a whole line of breath freshening and mouth guarding products against Breath Pearls. These come in different flavours as well, and you can pick the option you like most so you’ll enjoy giving your breath a boost. There are plenty of benefits to reap from these products, and you can use them safely for as long as you like. Enjoy fresh breath everywhere you go with Breath Pearls products from our online store here at Health Tree.

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