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The natural phenol raspberry ketone is one of only a few such naturally occurring phenols. The unique raspberry scent comes from the ketones, and there is research to support the idea that this substance may be able to help with weight loss. A few animal studies have been conducted, and they showed that raspberry ketones could be used to keep fat from accumulating in the body. This works even with animals that are being fed a high-fat diet. The weight loss properties seem to stem from adiponectin, which is a hormone. This hormone will improve insulin sensitivity and is naturally occurring in people who tend to be very thin. The same ketone will stimulate the production of norepinephrine, and that is a metabolic booster that helps the body uses calories more effectively.  Raspberry ketones are also powerful antioxidants. They protect the body from the effects of toxin and slow down the effects of ageing. You can naturally find raspberry ketones in fresh, frozen or dried strawberries, but these capsules give you a lot more. They each contain enough ketones to make up 20 punnets of raw berries.

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