Raspberry Leaf Loose Tea 35g

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KIN KIN TEA Raspberry Leaf Herbal Loose Leaf Tea35g


Raspberry Leaves

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Read About KIN KIN TEA Brand

If you are someone who loves to drink tea, then you should give organic tea from Kin Kin a try. It has incredible taste and offers great value for your money with 25 bags in each box. These are fresh, herbal teas made with natural ingredients.

Only Natural Components Are Used

Kin Kin tea has produced a number of wonderful herbal tea flavours for you to pick from. They offer lemon grass tea, liquorice, raspberry loose leaf, chamomile, ginger, ginger spice, Bancha herbal tea and more. You should have no problem finding one that you like, and every one of these is organic.

The herbs used in these teas all come from a Queensland farm near Noosa. The herbs are collected and dried in a specialised environment to ensure they retain their flavour and nutrition. No chemicals or gases are used to dry them or treat them, and the herbs are not harmed in any way. Each herb is packed in the same way to ensure freshness and consistency. Oxygen bleached paper is used to preserve the natural benefits and prevent toxins from getting into the herbs.

Organic Tea Packed Fresh

Because all the tea and herbs are packed, dried and processed in the same way and in the same place, you can count on the flavour and natural health benefits of these teas. You can rest easy knowing that no chemicals were used in any part of the process, and we know you will be satisfied with Kin Kin teas.

If you want to drink natural tea, then these selections from Kin Kin are a great product to try. There is really nothing else out there like it, and you won’t want to go back to drinking anything else after you try it.

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