FORBIDDEN Red Rice 97% Fat Free – High Protein – 500g

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FORBIDDEN Red Rice 97% Fat Free – High Protein 500g


Parboiled Red Rice

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Read About FORBIDDEN Brand

If you want to taste food staples that are better than any you have ever had before, then give the Forbidden Foods line of products a try. These can be used to improve your cooking skills and to ensure you can eat healthy at any time. They are great for improving dishes you normally prepare or eat, and they come with all sorts of health benefits.

These are products that are rich in fibre and minerals, and they are fully organic and free from gluten. The benefits are listed clearly on the packaging, and we think you will be pleasantly surprised at how beneficial they are.

A Taste You Will Love

You are going to notice the difference right away when you try these healthy, organic products. The y come in red, green and black varieties, and these are fairly common in countries around the world, though we may not be as familiar with the here in Australia.

You get that rice flavour that you love, but you also benefit from the numerous healthy boosts this product gives you. Green rice is bamboo-infused brown rice. That gives it a unique, nutty flavour, and that’s just one of several delicious rice products from the Forbidden Foods line. Rice is a great addition to any meal, and it is packed with antioxidants, fibre, minerals, whole grains and iron. The different varieties of rice all have their individual benefits. You can choose from the three available varieties to find one that works for you.

Find a Flavour You Enjoy

The unique flavour of the green, red and black rice makes them standout foods. You can try each of these out to find out which ones suit you best. We suggest trying them all to compare them properly and pick your favourite.

If you eat organic, healthy foods, you will notice a difference in the way you feel. There are tons of recipes you can use these varieties of rice on, so you can change up your entire diet for something healthier with these products. You can make a traditional meal like people eat every day around the world, or you can try your own variations on popular dishes and make your own recipes. Once you pick a flavour and rice that you like, you can go from there and create delectable dishes that add to your diet and that meet your nutritional needs. You’ll feel better when you eat healthy foods like these and rice fill you up easily, making it a great food for those on a weight loss diet. Enjoy better, healthier meals with Forbidden Foods products, available right here at Health Tree.

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