Rochester Old Jamaican Recipe Dark Ginger 725ml

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  • Jamaican-style ginger drink from a traditional island recipe
  • Blended with brown sugar and lemon for smoother, sweeter sipping
  • Non-alcoholic and gluten-free

Deep and dark as an aged rum, Dark Jamaican Ginger does have a bit of a (non-alcoholic) kick owing to its 9% fresh-pressed ginger root content. Still, with cane sugar and caramel to sweeten things up and a little lemon juice for balance, this is Rochester’s smoothest ginger drink, with a brief burn that soon transforms to a silky, satisfying aftertaste. Best suited for sipping neat while contemplating a roaring fireplace or a blazing sunset.

Key Ingredients: Pressed Ginger Root, Cane Sugar, Caramel, Tartaric Acid, Lemon Juice

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