Rochester Organic Lemon Lime & Ginger 725ml

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  • A traditionally made drink with a sharp citrus tang and a ginger kick
  • Wonderful in warm water to boost metabolism & alleviate cold/flu symptoms
  • Non-alcoholic, organic and gluten-free

Lemon juice, lime oil and fresh-pressed ginger root were the only ingredients in the generations-old recipe that inspired this drink – and they’re the only ingredients that go into Rochester’s bottles now. Tangy citrus extracts and 7% fresh-pressed ginger root, all organic, make for a potently puckery sipping beverage that becomes a refreshing tall drink when splashed into sparkling water over ice. In colder months, add some to hot water and enjoy a soothing warmth that revs up your metabolism and helps relieve the symptoms of seasonal colds and flus.

Ingredients:  Water, Raw Cane Sugar, Ginger Root, Lemon Juice, Natural Ginger Flavour, Natural Lime Oil

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