ECOLOGIC Tile & Floor Cleaner Rose Geranium – 1L

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ECOLOGIC Rose Geranium Tile & Floor Cleaner 1L


purified water, coco glucoside, organic extracts of lavender flowers, horsetail herb & witch hazel bark, organic soapwort Herb extract, organic saponified coconut oil, organic saponified olive oil, coco betaine, seaweed extract, sodium chloride (sea salt), Locust Bean gum, citrus seed extract, geranium and rose geranium essential oils

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Read About ECOLOGIC Brand

A variety of household cleaners, such as dishwashing liquid, bathroom cleaners, air fresheners and more, are all available in our online Health Tree store from the brand Ecologic Organic Cleaning.

These are sold at affordable prices and are gentle alternatives to the often harsh commercial cleaners that most people clean with.

Let’s look at some of their top products:
Cleaning Gel for the Bathroom- This gel comes from tea tree oils and other natural components, and it is naturally good at fighting mould and bacteria. It contains no synthetic chemicals, which makes it safer for your bathroom and your family. It can get rid of soap scum and clean all sorts of surfaces with ease, all without creating harsh fumes or leaving behind dangerous chemical residue.

Liquid Laundry Detergent- This detergent gets into your clothing fibres and removes the dirt that is stuck there. It manages to clean very effectively without needing to utilise any harsh manmade chemicals that are found in more conventional cleaners. You can even use it safely in your garden with grey water since it is environmentally friendly.

Liquid Dishwashing Soap- Essential oils are the key ingredients in this environmentally friendly dishwashing liquid. It forces stubborn dirt and grease to unlock from your wares, and you can safely use it in your automatic dishwasher. It doesn’t produce a lot of suds, nor does it contain any artificial colouring, bleaching agents, fillers, synthetic odours or anything else potentially harmful to your or your dishes.

Toilet Bowl Freshener- Your toilet is going to smell fabulous after you use this essential oil toilet bowl freshener. It is made with chamomile extract and eucalyptus oil, as well as marigold extract and lavender. These ingredients make for a very pleasant smell that freshens your bathroom.

Window Cleaning Agent- This cleaning solution is made using natural components, and it gets rid of dirt, smudge marks and other residue left behind on your windows. Herbal extracts like soapwort make it a powerful cleaner that can handle anything stuck to your window.

All-Purpose Cleaner- You can use this cleaner on most surfaces throughout your home. It has bacteria and fungus fighting properties that make it great for sanitising while it removes visible dirt and grease.

You can find these and more great natural products here at Health Tree under the Ecologic Organic Cleaning brand label.

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