NATRACARE Ultra Pads Super Plus – 12.00

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NATRACARE Super Plus Ultra Pads 12 pack


100% Certified Organic Cotton, Renewable and Sustainable Plant Cellulose

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Read About NATRACARE Brand

At every stage of a woman’s life, feminine hygiene is important. Women who are mothers, young children or adults all require healthy hygiene practices. You will end up with problems later on if you neglect feminine hygiene now.

Liners and Cotton Pads That Are Certified Organic

Feminine hygiene products from Natracare are something that any woman can use. There are products available for dealing with different stages o life and different events in a woman’s life, such as menstruation, and childbirth as well as general hygiene products.

These products contain no fragrances, chemicals or plastic.

Organic tampons from Natracare can be used during a woman’s menstrual cycle. They can be bought with or without an applicator, and they are made entirely from cotton. These are organic tampons that have no bleach or synthetic materials. They contain no additives, and they are far safer for the skin than most other tampon products. Natracare tampons come in 20 packs that make it easy to deal with the entire cycle.

Natracare’s intimate wipes get rid of body odour quickly and easily in women’s private areas. They help you to stay feel clean and fresh, and they are made with cotton, calendula and chamomile. That gives them a nice fragrance and makes them very gentle on your skin. Even women with sensitive skin can use them without any problems. Natracare wipes naturally soothe your skin and come in convenient travel sizes. They can be used for everyday cleaning or for menstruation. Natracare also makes nursing pads and maternity pads. These pads are made to deal with vaginal discharge that can happen during pregnancy. The discharge can continue for a few days following pregnancy as well, and maternity pads can give women the gentle cleansing they need. Nursing pads help to deal with milk leakage during breastfeeding. When mothers become overburdened with milk and are not able to get to their child and breastfeed him or her, they may start to leak milk, and they can use nursing pads discreetly under their clothes to help absorb the leaking milk. Both the nursing pads and maternity pads are strong enough to handle the discharge that they have to deal with and not fall apart or fail the user.

Incontinence pads are made for women who are suffering from bladder weakness. This can occur around pregnancy, and women can use the pad to take care of accidental leakage and keep themselves dry. Natracare pads are very discreet and prevent women from emitting any odour. The pads are created using cellulose materials to ensure comfort. They are biodegradable since they do not contain chlorine as many incontinence pads do.

Try the full range of feminine hygiene products from Natracare here at Health Tree and get just what you need for yourself or a loved one to stay feeling clean and fresh.

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