Suttons Colloidal Silver 500ml

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Sutton’s Colloidal Silver has been used for many years and has a number of home uses such as deodorant, to treat grazes, burns, and kill odours. Sutton’s Colloidal Silver is a product to include in every home’s cupboard!

Sutton’s Colloidal Silver is formed through the electrolysis of 99.99% fine silver in deionised, reverse osmosis filtrated “pure” living spring water.  These tiny particles of silver suspended in the water have been used topically for generations for their anti-bacterial properties.

Allan Sutton’s Colloidal Silver is a pure grade colloidal silver of the highest quality, 16-20 ppm and is the largest supplier of colloidal silver in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Sutton’s is an Australian owned family business.

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