Teeccino Organic Dandelion Red Chai G/F 10Tee-Bags

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  • Teeccino’s famously flavourful caffeine-free herbal coffee is now gluten-free too!
  • Roasted dandelion root & chicory for authentic full-bodied taste without the acidity
  • Rooibos and chai spices for natural, stimulant-free energy and loads of antioxidants

Is it a delicious coffee blend? Is it a rich and spicy chai? Neither, actually – Teeccino’s Organic Dandelion Red Chai contains no coffee or tea (and therefore no caffeine). With roasted dandelion root standing in for the barley found in other Teeccino brews, there’s no gluten either. But this is not some watery, barely-there herbal tea. Each ‘teebag’ has a hearty six grams of invigorating chai spices, digestion-stimulating dandelion and chicory, South African rooibos and other flavourful natural ingredients. Key bioactives include the prebiotic fibre inulin and potassium, an important electrolyte. Makes a tasty, healthy wake-up drink for the morning!

Ingredients: Carob, Rooibos, Chicory, Dates, Dandelion Root, Cinnamon, Ginger, Natural Spice Flavour, Cardamom, Blackberry Leaves, Black Pepper, Cloves

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