Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Sweeps with Scrubbing Dots 8 Pack


Product Description

You can help to protect the environment while keeping your costs low with Bambooee sweeps. These are reusable products that cut down the cost you pay for sweeps considerably. You will not need to buy disposable sweeper pads again, since you can keep washing and reusing these. They are economical, and they work very well, lifting grime and soaking up spills. You can clean even the dirtiest floors with these sweeps.

The rayon sweeps are made from bamboo to ensure they are very absorbent. They are also great for the environment since you can wash and reuse them. You can use them as many as 100 times before they need to be replaced. They work well with most cleaners, and a pack of just eight of these sweeps will be able to replace 800 disposable sweep pads, so you can save a ton of money. They work on all types of floors and surfaces, including tiles.

Brand Description

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