Why You Should Detox Your Armpits

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If you are thinking about using a natural deodorant for your underarms or you are already using one, then you should consider detoxing your armpits.

Many people have switched from deodorants made with manmade chemicals to something much more natural, and many of us have been disappointed by the outcome. The natural ingredients are great for the skin, but many natural brands just don’t cut it. They may work for a short time, but then the wetness and odour comes back, and it can get really bad in the summer. On top of that, they can also cause irritation and redness.

Some people get frustrated and go back to using the toxic deodorants and don’t care so much about all the risks involved because they are more comfortable and reliable. Natural deodorants get a bad rap because of this, even though they have enjoyed some great advances over the years.

It’s not always the fault of the natural deodorants, though. Sometimes your armpits could be releasing so many toxins that the natural deodorants cannot be as effective as they should be. Moving from a chemical-based deodorant to something more natural can cause some problems. The toxins from the chemical-based deodorant can clog up the skin.

To boost the natural deodorant’s effectiveness, it’s a good idea to detox your armpits before you make the switch to the natural brand. You will get rid of the toxins and impurities that have been building up in the armpits for years this way. The redness and discolouration will start to disappear and the odour will leave with them.

Using a detoxing product, such as Detox-a-Pit, you can balance out your pH levels once more. You will also boost the abilities of the natural deodorants, and you will get rid of irritations and discolouration in the armpits.

Australian food-grade bentonite clay is used in Detox-a-Pit. It also contains raw apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal, food-grade diatomaceous earth and coconut oil. These natural components give your body the power it needs to expel toxins. It isn’t tested on animal subjects, and it is made for Australia’s climate.

You only need to apply a little bit in your armpits every day. Each application should only be for ten minutes. Then you can wash it off with some warm, soapy water. If you do this for about a walk, you can get rid of toxins effectively. By the second week, the toxin levels will go down even more, and by then you only need to apply it one day a week.

Charcoal is known as an excellent cleanser, and it is able to detox your body in some amazing ways. The charcoal can remove tons of impurities and toxins from your body, far more than the amount of charcoal that you use.

There is definitely a danger to overusing chemical deodorants in the underarm area. The toxins can cause health problems over time, and that is why we recommend switching to a natural deodorant.

One toxin found in deodorant is aluminium. This has been linked to breast cancer, skeletal problems, Alzheimer’s and kidney disease. We definitely need to find ways to reduce the metal in our environment that we are absorbing into our skin.

Even those products that are labelled as aluminium free can contain harmful ingredients. Propylene glycol and triclosan are both potentially harmful, and people need to be looking for natural, healthy alternatives.

You might be having difficulty in finding a decent natural deodorant, and you may be having second thoughts about abstaining from aluminium-based deodorants. You should rethink your plans, though, as you may be able to get the results you want with an armpit detox. The same way you would use a face mask to get rid of toxins in your face before applying makeup, you need to remove the underarm toxins before natural deodorants will be effective. You can get more out of these deodorants if you first do a detox treatment.

This may not be a glamorous remedy, but it is a necessary one, if you are going to live heathier. Give natural deodorants a chance to work by performing a detox first, and you can say goodbye to harmful chemicals in your antiperspirants, all while feeling and smelling your best.

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