How You Can Ferment Your Own Drinks

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Let’s look at fermented drinks for this blog post. It’s a beverage that is growing in popularity recently, as more people learn about the benefits of fermenting certain drinks. We’re going to show you how you can make your own water kefir very fast and easily. You can get in on this hot, new trend in healthy living.

In order to make water kefir, you have to ferment milk, and you combine water kefir grains along with sugar water. The grains will eat up the sugar and create a bacteria and yeast combination, which is great for your gut’s bacteria levels.

Our society seems to be going to back to fermentation, as new health benefits continue to be discovered for this process. We now understand that fermented drinks can work wonders on our intestinal health.

Another fermented probiotic drink is milk kefir, which comes from goat or cow milk. This also has fruit juice, coconut water or sugar water, and it makes an entirely different beverage from water kefir.

A fermented tea we also like is kombucha, which is made by putting some yeast and bacteria into a chilled tea. You also need to add some fruit juice or sugar to sweeten it up and make it palatable. Most commonly, black tea, Oolong tea and green tea are used.

There is a lot of ancient wisdom in regard to fermented beverages and their health benefits, and it is something that modern science is starting to catch up on. The probiotics in fermented drinks can aid digestion, boost immunity, prevent allergies, control blood sugar and fight hypertension and diabetes. By far the biggest of these benefits is the immunity boost, which is the key gain you’ll enjoy from consuming these fermented beverages. There is some research to imply that a good gut bacteria balance does more than just protect us from disease. It may also help us to live longer.

Now, let’s look at how you can make these simple and delicious drinks at home.

For water kefir, you only need water kefir grains, some type of sugary water, some time and a container to make them in. If you want a very fizzy drink, then you have to go through a secondary fermentation process, and that requires flip top bottles to pull off. You can get the water kefir grains very easily, since they reproduce quickly, and lots of people are selling theirs online.

Let’s give you our favourite recipe for water kefir that always yields impressive results.

    What You’ll Need:

  • Six cups of spring water
  • Half a cup of coconut sugar
  • A teaspoon of bootstrap molasses
  • A quarter cup of water kefir grains
  • An eight of a cup of sodium bicarbonate

  • Start by putting all your ingredients in a jar that you should cover using a tight mesh.
  • Let your mixture stand for about 48 hours at room temperature.
  • Then, strain out the liquid and keep the grains.
  • You can use the water to drink as a kefir on its own or add it to some other beverages to give them a powerful boost of probiotics.
  • Once the fermenting process is completed, you should see more grains than you started with. You can use this method over and over again until you have enough grains to make all the drinks you want. You need to give them lots of sugar to feed on, which they will use to create healthy gut bacteria.
  • Water kefir is easy to drink and is superb at quenching your thirst. It’s great for your stomach’s bacteria levels, and it is a good replacement for the fizzy drinks that people consume far too much of.
  • These kinds of sodas and such are major contributors to type 2 diabetes and to childhood obesity. They have been advertised directly to children in shameless ways, and we need to do what we can to counter their deleterious effects.
  • You can try water kefir as a healthy substitute. Kids can create their own varieties that are full of flavour and just as healthy. Some good options may be strawberry lemonade, peach tea and Pina colada.
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