Why Natural Skin Care for Your Baby Is So Important

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Why Natural Skin Care for Your Baby Is So Important

It can be difficult to develop a routine for caring for your new child. You have to ensure the child is warm, clothed, bathed, fed and changed often. You will also have to set your own sleep patterns around when your baby sleeps.

You probably already do a lot to care for your baby, but have you been taking care of the child’s skin? A baby’s skin is delicate, and it can be easily irritated by some of the ingredients found in shampoo, powder, lotions and other items you put on the baby’s skin or that it comes into contact with.

The baby has a developing immune system that isn’t very strong yet. You have to be careful not use artificial skincare products that could get through the immune system and harm your child.

Look for ingredients like formaldehyde, preservatives and parabens, as well as seemingly innocuous components like fragrance and colouring. All of these can interfere with your baby’s hormones and hinder the body’s natural processes. Your child could experience reproductive and growth problems due to these contaminants, and skin rashes may develop in response to the irritation.

You want to ensure that you only use healthy and natural skincare items for your baby, as it only takes very small amounts of harmful ingredients to damage your baby’s skin or cause health problems.

Your baby’s skin serves as a protective barrier, but it is also an excellent method of transportation for chemicals and germs. You want to minimise the number of baby products you use in the first month of life, and the ones you do use should be natural and designed to be safe for babies.

Look for products that are certified and sponsored by health agencies and that have been approved for use on newborns. Also pay attention to the signs that products are causing irritation to your baby. If you minimize how many you use, you can more easily pinpoint what is causing the problem and eliminate it from your baby’s skincare routine.

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