What Makes Apple Cider Vinegar So Great?

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If you spend much time looking into healthy living recipes or superfoods, then you have probably heard about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. It’s what a lot of A-list celebrities claim to use to supplement their diet, and it has become very popular with health food enthusiasts and fitness gurus alike.

Anyone who wants to live healthier should be considering adding apple cider vinegar to their diet.

Science backs up a lot of the anecdotal evidence and folk medicine claims that have been made

about apple cider vinegar. Some studies have shown that it can be useful for combating high blood pressure and diabetes, for example.

It can also detoxify the body and boost your body’s immunity. Many people use it to make their breath smell fresher, grow healthier hair, use as a skin tonic and even help their digestion. A lot of people use apple cider vinegar for deal with head lice or to remove warts. On top of all that, it can fight infections, purify the lymph node, balance your body’s acidity levels, prevent halitosis and more.

How Do You get Apple Cider Vinegar?

What exactly is this superfood we’ve been talking about? Well, you make it by fermenting sugar, which creates alcohol and vinegar. So, then apples when fermented become apple cider vinegar. It contains acetic acid, which heals the body and provides a number of restorative benefits.

How Can I Make It a Part of My Diet?

You’ll need to include it in your diet if you want to make the most of its benefits. There are a few ways you can do that, and we’ll provide a few ideas for you.

One of the simpler ways is to make it into a health dressing.

You just take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, a quarter teaspoon of sea salt and a tablespoon of any citrus juice. Then mix them together in a jar and serve it on your food. If you want to make it a little sweeter, you can use stevia or fresh fruit. You can use it as a salad dressing or as a garnish for many dishes.

You can also drink it in its base form. Some people like to add a little honey or water to dilute or sweeten it, as this can definitely be an acquired taste. You may even want to try mixing in your favourite fruit juice to make it more tolerable.

If you want to get in on the latest health food trend that’s also backed by scientific research, then give apple cider vinegar a try. A lot of movie stars and popular singers are already enjoying its benefits, and you can too.

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