Why You Should Incorporate Kelp into Your Diet

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People who live near the sea have always used resources from the sea to supplement their diets and provide medicine for their people. The kelp family has long been used as a healthy food source for people all around the world.

Today, kelp is readily available as a dietary supplement. You can also find it in all sorts of foods and even used as a salt substitute. These products are becoming increasingly popular, and science is beginning to discover the health benefits that folk medicine has long known about.

How is kelp able to improve our health? Some scientists have theorised that because our bodies and the sea share many similar components that we need to rely on the sea for our own mineral supply.

    We have listed a few reasons we think you should incorporate kelp into your diet:

  • For Your Heart- Many societies from long ago used kelp as a heart boosting supplement. This is a use that is now supported by scientific evidence, and we know that kelp has lots of calcium, iodine and a variety of other minerals that improve heart health and maintain the heart over time.
  • For Your Thyroid- Iodine is excellent for thyroid health, as it helps to regulate this gland. The iodine in kelp protects the thyroid from disease and ensures that healthy hormones are secreted regularly.
  • For Your Immune System- Kelp is also very helpful to the immune system, and it wards off diseases and keeps illnesses from developing. This is primarily due to the minerals the kelp contains.
  • For Your Fitness- You may be able to lose weight a little easier with some kelp in your diet. By eating right and exercising, you will lose weight naturally, but if you eat kelp every now and then, your appetite will decrease, and you won’t have to deal with cravings as often.

These are four incredible benefits to using kelp as part of a healthy diet. You can find kelp supplements in most health food stores, and if you use them correctly, you can make the most of their benefits. Be sure to check with your doctor before making any major changes to your diet, though.

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