Fermentation Is Trending Due to Newly-Discovered Heath Benefits

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Fermentation has suddenly become popular again among the health food community. Now, fermented foods and beverages have been in use for thousands of years, and some fermented dishes, like Korean kimchi has never been anything less than popular.

However, some fermented products are starting to show up on store shelves in droves. You will see them in groceries and health food stores, because now we know about the scientifically proven benefits of the gut bacteria they provide. Gut bacteria are formed when food is fermented, and that bacteria is excellent for our overall health.

If you want great digestive health, then food that promotes good bacteria is where you should start. We have known for many, many years that we need excellent gut bacteria, but only in the past few years have we discovered scientific evidence of how essential it is for overall health. Our lifespan can actually be determined by how much good or bad bacteria we have in our guts.

Many health food experts are starting to raise awareness for how beneficial good gut bacteria is and how essential fermented foods are to having great gut bacteria.

Several scientific studies have backed up fermented food’s role in maintaining good gut health. We have even seen the Harvard School of Medicine, which is known for being very conservative, promote fermentation and its link to gut health.

The more evidence we see for the link between them, the more we understand how important good bacteria is.

We understand that good bacteria are essential for prompting a healthy immune system. It also boosts our energy levels and improves digestion. It can even decrease how much sugar we absorb from the foods we eat.

Fermentation, thanks to ongoing research, has been shown to be essential for a modern understanding of human health. Gut bacteria, we now realize, is essential for immunity health and for fighting off diseases.

Our ancestors seem to have already known this all along, since they used fermented foods and drinks as a way to stay healthy. Many societies from around the globe have used fermentation in some of their healthiest foods, such as kimchi and sauerkraut, as well as a variety of yoghurts. You may not have a lot of time to make fermented foods at home, thanks to a busy family life and job, but fermentation doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. We have a post on how you can make yogurt fast and easy at home using very few items, and you can check that out to start enjoying all these digestive and immunity benefits for yourself.

You can practice fermentation at home and still get everything done that you need to. Who says living heathy has to come with sacrifices?

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